Category: Science

Mole Concept

In chemistry, scientists link the mass of an element or compound to the number of atoms or molecules present in them. this is done through

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Molecular Mass

Every object that has space and occupies is called matter. Through this definition we can get an idea about how important is mass for the

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Writing Chemical Formulae

Like in our world, the identity of each person is his/her name, similarly, in chemistry, the first identity of each substance is its chemical formulae.

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What is a Molecule

When we observe our surrounding, we find that every object present around us is composed of much smaller units that act as the building blocks

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What is an Atom

In chemistry we deal with chemical components of substances. Their chemical composition helps us in determining the properties of substances. Also, we need to know

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Latent heat

What is latent heat? The heat absorbed by any matter without any rise in temperature is called as latent heat. Latent is another word for

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