NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths , deal with various Chapters and their exercises , which are relevant for students.  At Arinjay Academy , we have created easy to understand, and exam-oriented NCERT solutions for class 6. These solutions are created by rigorous research by our faculties.

Download chapter wise detailed NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths / CBSE Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions

Chapter 1 – Knowing our Numbers

In chapter 1 of class VI, “Knowing our Numbers”, we would learn about various operations on numbers,  like comparing numbers, finding largest numbers, shifting digits, finding place value, estimating numbers, and introduction of large numbers like 10000, 100000 and 1000000.

Chapter 2 – Whole Numbers Class 6 Maths

Whole numbers are covered in chapter 2 of class VI. The topics covered include the concepts of predecessor and successor, operations like addition, subtraction, etc on the number line, properties of whole numbers like closure property of whole numbers, identity of whole number, and patterns in whole numbers.

Chapter 3 – Playing with Numbers Class 6 Maths

The chapter 3 of class VI, “Playing with Numbers”, introduces us to the concept of factors and multiples, test of divisibility of numbers, common factors and common multiples, prime factorisation, and highest common factors and lowest common multiples.

Chapter 4 – Basic Geometrical Ideas

Concepts of intersection of lines, parallel lines, curves, polygons, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, parts of circles, etc are discussed in chapter 4, Basic Geometrical Ideas, for class VI.

Chapter 5 – Understanding Elementary Shapes Class 6 Maths

Understanding elementary shapes discusses the ideas of measuring line segments,right angles, straight angles, complete angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, reflex angles, measuring angles, perpendicular lines.

It also covers classification of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons, three dimensional shapes and their properties like edges, vertices and faces.

Chapter 6 – Integers Class 6 Maths

In chapter 6 of class VI, we learn about integers. We discover negative numbers and we learn the representation of integers on a number line. We also come across operations like ordering, addition and subtractions of integers, and addition and subtraction of integers on a number line.

Chapter 7 – Fractions Class 6 Maths

Chapter 7 of class VI introduces us to Fractions. It helps us learn how fractions are represented on the number line, and tells us about proper fractions, mixed fractions, equivalent fractions, simplest form of fractions, and like fractions.

Further, it discusses comparing like fractions and unlike fractions, and operations like addition and subtraction of fractions.

Chapter 8 – Decimals

We come across the important concept of Decimals in chapter 8 of class VI. It discusses tenths, hundredths, representation of decimals on number line, fractions as decimals, comparing decimals, and using decimals in our daily lives like representing money, length, weight, and addition and subtraction of decimals.

Chapter 9 – Data Handling Class 6 Maths

Data handling teaches to record and organise data. It is done by tools like tally marks, pictographs, bar graphs, etc. We learn to draw and interpret bar graphs and choosing a scale for the graph.

Chapter 10 – Mensuration Class 6 Maths

We discuss about Mensuration in chapter 10 of class VI. Properties like perimeter and area for various shapes like triangles, squares and rectangles are introduced.

Chapter 11 – Algebra Class 6 Maths

Algebra is one of the most important topics in mathematics. We are introduced to variables, use of variables in rules of geometry and arithmetic like commutativity and distributivity,expression of variables, using expressions practically, equations and finding the solution of an equation.

Chapter 12 – Ratio and Proportion Class 6 Maths

In chapter 12 of class VI, ratio and proportion are discussed. It teaches us about the properties of ratio, same ratio in different situations, sharing a ratio, and unitary method to solve problems.

Chapter 13 – Symmetry Class 6 Maths

The concepts surrounding symmetry, two lines of symmetry, multiple lines of symmetry, reflection and symmetry, Kaleidoscope, and application of reflectional symmetry are covered in chapter 13 of class VI mathematics.

Chapter 14 – Practical Geometry

We learn about the practical aspects of geometry in chapter 14 of class VI Mathematics. We practice the steps for construction of circle of given radius, line segment of given length, copy of a given line segment.

We also learn about perpendiculars and angles and their construction in various ways when certain measurements are given.

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