Accountancy Class 12 Notes

The syllabus of Accountancy Class 12 CBSE Notes comprises of the following chapters. We have prepared various notes along with detailed questions and their solution for Accounts class 12, who may be studying in CBSE, ISC or as per the NCERT syllabus.

Syllabus of Accounts Class 12

Syllabus of Accounts Class 12 Notes comprises of the following chapters. You can read through our Notes by clicking the relevant part of the Syllabus or Videos by clicking the link at the end of the Syllabus .

Accounts Class 12 Notes – Part I 

Chapter 1 – Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation

  1. Meaning and Characteristics of Not-for-Profit Organisation
  2. Accounting Records of Not-for-Profit Organisations
  3. Receipt and Payment Account
  4. Income and Expenditure Account
  5. Balance Sheet
  6. Some Peculiar Items

Chapter 2 – Accounting for Partnership:  Basic Concepts

  1.  Nature of Partnership
  2.  Partnership Deed
  3.  Special Aspects of Partnership Accounts
  4.  Maintenance of Capital Accounts of Partners
  5.  Distribution of Profit among Partners
  6.  Guarantee of Profit to a PartnerClick here for our Video on Guarantee of Profits to a Partner
  7.  Past Adjustments

Chapter 3 Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm – Admission  of a Partner

  1. Modes of Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm
  2. Admission of a New Partner
  3. New Profit Sharing Ratio
  4. Sacrificing Ratio
  5. Goodwill
  6. Adjustment for Accumulated Profits and Losses and Capitals
  7. Revaluation of Assets and Reassessment of Liabilities
  8. Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among the Existing Partners

For more example and Solutions on Distribution of Profits amongst Partners, you can Click Here

Chapter 4 – Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm   

  1. Retirement/Death of a Partner
  2. Ascertaining the Amount Due to Retiring/Deceased Partner
  3. New Profit Sharing Ratio
  4. Gaining Ratio
  5. Treatment of Goodwill
  6. Adjustment for Revaluation of Assets and Liabilities/Adjustment of Accumulated Profits and Losses
  7. Disposal of Amount Due to Retiring Partner
  8. Adjustment of Partners’ Capitals
  9. Death of a Partner

Chapter 5 Dissolution of Partnership Firm

  1. Dissolution of Partnership
  2. Dissolution of a Firm
  3. Settlement of Accounts
  4. Accounting Treatment

Accountancy Class 12 CBSE Notes – Part II

Chapter  1 – Accounting for Share Capital

  1. Company and its Characteristics
    Company formation
  2. Kinds of Companies
  3. Share Capital of a Company
  4. Nature and Classes of Shares
  5. Issue of Shares
  6. Accounting Treatment
  7. Forfeiture of Shares

Chapter  2 –  Issue and Redemption of Debentures

  1. Meaning of Debentures
  2. Distinction between Shares and Debentures
  3. Types of Debentures
  4. Issue of Debentures
  5. Over Subscription of Debentures
  6. Terms of Issue of Debentures
  7. Interest on Debentures
  8. Writing off Discount/Loss on Issue of Debentures
  9. Redemption of Debentures

Chapter  3 –  Financial Statements of a Company

  1. Meaning and Nature of Financial Statements
  2. Objectives of Financial Statements
  3. Types of Financial Statements
  4. Uses and Importance of Financial Statements
  5. Limitations of Financial Statements

Chapter  4 –  Analysis of Financial Statements

  1. Meaning of Analysis of Financial Statements
  2. Significance of Analysis of Financial Statements
  3. Objectives of Analysis of Financial Statements
  4. Tools of Analysis of Financial Statements
  5. Comparative Statements
  6. Comparative Balance Sheet
  7. Limitations of Financial Analysis

Chapter  5 – Accounting Ratios

  1. Meaning of Accounting Ratios
  2. Objectives of Ratio Analysis
  3. Advantages of Ratio Analysis
  4. Limitations of Ratio Analysis
  5. Types of Ratios
  6. Liquidity Ratios
  7. Solvency Ratios 
  8. Activity (or Turnover) Ratio
  9. Profitability Ratios

Chapter 6 – Cash Flow Statement

  1. Objectives and Benefits of Cash Flow Statement
  2. Cash, Cash Equivalents and Cash flows
  3. Ascertaining Cash Flow from Operating Activities
  4. Ascertainment of Cash Flow from Investing
  5. Cash Flow and Financing Activities
  6. Preparation of Cash Flow Statement

For more example and Solutions on Cash Flow Statement, you can click here 

Accountancy Class 12 – Videos

We have prepared detailed Videos on various topics for Accounts Class 12, which are available on our Youtube Channel. They cover 12th Accountancy and have received over 2 million views for Accountancy Class 12. You can access them at the following Link : –

Accounts for Class XII – Partnership and Company Accounts

This Playlist contains 90 videos which deals with various concepts of Accountancy Class 12 – Accounting for Partnership – Basic concepts like profit-sharing ratios, interest on capital and drawings, admission of a partner, retirement of a partner and dissolution of a partnership firm. It contains accounting for share capital by the companies, including share application, share allotment, reissue of shares, forfeiture of shares etc. These are covering the important concept of 12th Accountancy

Accounts  Class 12 updated Videos

This playlist contains videos that have been prepared for students appearing for their Board Examinations in 2017 for CBSE, ISCE, NCERT or any other Board and have Accountancy as a subject. The Accounts Video covered here relates to the Admission of a Partner in a firm.

Accounts for Class XII – CBSE, ISCE, NCERT & other Boards

This Playlist covers 35 videos on Accounting for Share capital, Debentures, Company Accounts, and is relevant for Students of Class XII, who are studying in Either CBSE Class XII, ISCE Class XII, NCERT Class XII or any other Accountancy Classes. There are a total of videos. Each video has a link to the next video that can be accessed after the first Video by clicking on the Link. You can also subscribe to our Channel by clicking the link on the Video.

The above resources are available for covering the topics of Accountancy Class 12 and we are in the process of streamlining various Videos to provide you better user experience. In case of any suggestions and feedback, please write to us at aacademyapp@gmail.

In addition to the Notes for Accountancy Class 12, to access any topics for Accountancy Class XI to revise earlier concepts, you can click on this Link – Class XI Accountancy Notes.

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