Omission of Articles | English Grammar

Omission of Articles

1. Before names of materials and abstract nouns.

Example –

Gold is an expensive metal.

2. Before plural nouns when they are used in general sense.

Examples –

  • Children enjoy cartoons.
  • Cotton clothes are comfortable in summers.

3. Before most proper nouns like names of mountains, individual islands, continents, countries, cities, people etc.

Examples –

  • Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world.
  • Rohit is a good musician.

4. Article is omitted before languages, names of days, months and seasons.

Examples –

  • July is a hot month.
  • We have a holiday on Saturdays.
  • They will go to Shimla during summers.

5. ‘A’ is also omitted in certain phrases consisting of a preposition followed by an object.

Examples –

  •  She spent the day at school.
  • She went to the market on foot.

6. Phrases consisting of a transitive verb followed by its object.

Examples –

  • I was told not to lose heart if I did not succeed.
  • He was asked to leave home after he misbehaved.
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