Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Extra Questions and Answers

Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Challenges to Democracy covers all Extra Questions and Answers of various types, related to the topic so as to help the students with their preparation by helping them do an in-depth study of the topic.

  • This chapter is the concluding chapter summarizing all the concepts that have been read throughout the text book.
  • This chapter aims to make the students creatively use their learnings and understandings to compare the challenges faced by different nations across the world.
  • This chapter also talks about the three basic challenges of democracy and also aims to make the student come up with their own definition of democracies pointing out the pros and cons of the concept and redefine it.

Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Extra Questions are Answered in detail by our team of experts which includes teachers and professionals. These solutions have been compiled in an easy to understand manner, keeping in mind, the perspective of strong, and weak students. We are providing NCERT Solutions for Class 10 all subjects which can be accessed by clicking here.

Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Extra Questions and Answers

1) A ______ is a difficulty that carries within itself an opportunity for progress.

Ans) Challenge

2) _______ is the challenge faced by every nation in some form or the other.

Ans) Deepening of democracy

3) All suggestions or proposals about overcoming various challenges of democracy are called ____.

Ans) Political reforms

4) Real challenges of reforms lie at the ______ level.

Ans) State

5) The ______ is a good example of a law that empowers the people to find out what is happening in government and act as watchdogs of our country.

Ans) Right to Information Act 2005

6) Democratic reforms should mainly be carried out by ______, ______, _____ and ______.

Ans) Political Activists, Parties, Movements, Politically Conscious citizens.

7) Democratic reforms should be principally brought through _____.

Ans) Political Practice

8) ______ is termed as the spirit of democracy.

Ans) Power Sharing

9) What is the most important concern in the case of democratic reforms?

Ans) The most important concerns in case of democratic reforms are to strengthen democratic practices and to improve the quality of political participation by ordinary citizens.

10) What is meant by the foundational challenge?

Ans) It is a type of transition into a democratic government from some other form of government. The challenge involved in bringing down the systems of the previous government, keeping away military and other dictatorial forms of power and instituting a sovereign and functional state.

11) What is meant by the challenge of expansion?

Ans) This is the challenge which involves applying the principles of basic democratic politics and features to different parts of the nation like the states, cities, towns etc. This challenge focusses on the expansion of power to the different federal units including women, minority groups etc.

12) State two contributions that the Right to Information Act made.


  • The right to Information act authorizes the people to find out what is happening in government and act as watchdogs of our country.
  • It is also a law that helps to control corruption and enhances the existing law that bans corruption and imposes strict penalties.

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