International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

International Maths Olympiad

The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is one of the biggest mathematical competition in the world. This Math Olympiad is for the students in high school and takes places on an annual basis all over the country.


In the 19th century, the competition initially was just an inter-school competition. The first international mathematical Olympiad was held in the year 1959 in Romania. A total of 7 countries took part equally to show their contribution. Every country sent 8 contestants and it came off with a total of 6 questions. In the present time, the competition has expanded its growth to over 100 countries.

Well, for the present year, the Olympiad exam will take place in Romania.

International Maths Olympiad – Vision

The primary focus of the Olympiad exam is to unite the young minds residing in all corners of the world. The idea is to face the challenges in maths and solve such questions with basic ideas and maths tricks.

Well, this IMO tags along friendships for a lifetime for the students as well.

International Maths Olympiad – Requirements

Every Olympiad has its own programme. It is the international jury that opts to choose the examination. An inauguration ceremony commences marking the beginning of the most awaited exams.

The mathematics Olympiad generally goes up to 10 days and the activities that are involved in the examinations are planned a long time back.

There are several things that require special attention like the venue, guides, entertainment, and so on. Furthermore, on the other hand, to take care of academic issues like invitations and problem selection committee are put forward.

International Maths Olympiad Exams – Implementation

For the International Mathematical Olympiad, no candidate is given any sort of advantage over the other. Therefore, it clearly shows that special care and attention is put forth to look after the invigilation process. This is to avoid any sort of cheating during the exam.

There is a screening process for the candidates before they make their entry in the exam hall. This is to ensure that they don’t have any extra tool along with them. It is the duty of the invigilators to take care of the attendance and maintain the seating process.

The students have the privilege to decide the language of their exams. Moreover, it can vary from one than one.

During the first 30 minutes, participants can clear their doubts on the maths questions they have issues with. The questions are further sent to the jury to find out about the issue and the approach to solve them.

International Maths Olympiad – Exchange

The main motto of the whole exam is to help the participants exchange various ideas amongst themselves. About the education, the culture, and many more. The IMO is a great way for the students to share their ideas about mathematics and its practices.

IMO’s one of the primary goals is to facilitate the exchange as this is what will help them in assisting the process in the coming time.

Overall, the International Math Olympiad is a great way for the candidates residing all over the world to help them grow their mathematical skills.

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