How to master your speed in online tests?

Online tests are strictly time bound.  Everyone giving online test faces the generations old dilemma – the battle between accuracy and speed. You can optimize your speed only when you have a clarity of concepts and have dedicated hours of practice – practice is the master key to success.  Here are some easy ways to help you speed up your pace and perform well in online tests.

  1. Run through several aptitude tests online – Practice aptitude tests online as much as possible their format is repetitive and the more you practice the better your score will be. It is best to take several mock tests before the actual one. This gets you in the habbit of sitting for a designated period of time. Also, the more you practice the more will you be able to comprehend the kind of questions that come in, this will help you prepare better.
  2. Ensure a clutter free environment – Whilst preparing for online exams, it’s better to free yourself from all kinds of distractions. Giving online test requires you to concentrate to ensure that maximum questions get answered within the set time frame. Don’t have your family sit around when you are practicing aptitude tests.  Also, keep your surroundings clutter free, it brings a sense of calmness.
  3. Read all guidelines – Before you begin to answer the questions, please read all the guidelines carefully. Give yourself 15 minutes to read the questions and guidelines carefully. Make a note of how much time you should be spending on each question and do keep 15 minutes aside to go through all the answers marked.
  4. Don’t get stuck – Never ever get stuck or spend too much time on one question. If you are stuck, move on. Finish the questions you think are not time consuming and flag the difficult ones. Once you are done with the easier ones, if you have time left, come back to the flagged ones and try to solve them
  5. Move on – Time management is the key. Setting a time frame for different sections is important. Maths usually require more time. So, plan accordingly. Don’t get stuck or spend too much time on one question. The key is to get as many questions right in the set timeline.
  6. Use reasoning – Your aptitude test score will divulge your speed and accuracy.  Well, it is important to mark a time for each question, just don’t haphazardly try to answer them. Stay away from wild guessing! It is better to use your skills and knowledge to resolve the questions instead of picking up randomly.
  7. Read the graphs and tables – Before beginning to solve a question, it is best to study the pictorials given along. Having a clear understanding of the graphs, tables, etc. helps you not only understand the question better but also helps you attain the information that is not directly present in the question.
  8. Keep a rough sheet along – Use a spare sheet to do all your Keep enough space to practice your calculation and recheck it twice. Even a decimal missing can make you lose your desired score.
  9. Get a goodnight sleep – For a body to function to the best of its ability, it needs 7 – 8 hours of sleep. The night before the exam, do not crumble under the tension or the pressure to perform well. Give your body enough rest to cope up with the next day’s requirements. Practice meditation and yoga to activate all the senses. Exercising does help in reliving tension and helps body fight stress better.
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