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Packaging is an important factor in the product mix. It has played a major role in success and failure of the product. It is very important for some products to have a proper packing but when products are packed properly and are attractive then the consumers are inclined towards buying them. Packaging is also a factor through which consumers judge the quality sometimes. Some common packaging methods for a product can be wood, plastic, metal, glass, paper, polyester etc.

Levels of Packaging

Levels of packaging

There are different levels of packaging which a product can have and they are as under-

Primary package

It is the immediate packet of the product i.e. which is directly above the product. It may be taken off before the use or it may be there as an integral part of the product throughout the life of the product. For example: packet of soap will be removed before use while packet i.e. tube of a crème will be there till the end of the life of the crème.

Secondary packaging

It is the layer of the product which will be just above the primary packaging of the product. It is removed before the use of the product. For example: a cardboard box of the crème tube will be removed before using the product. The cardboard box will be disposed off.

Transportation packaging

This is the next packet of the product which is above the primary and secondary packaging. It helps in safeguarding the product from damage and also useful for easy identification of the product in the market. This is called transportation packaging because it is mainly used for the product’s easy transportation. For example cartons of the products.

Functions of Packaging

Packets of the products are very useful and they perform certain functions. They are described as under:

  1. Product identification: packets of the product will be easy identified by the consumers in the market. it is also useful for the shopkeepers to identify the product through its packet as they have many products on their shop’s shelves.
  2. Product protection: it is very important for particular products to be safe from spoilage, breakage, pilferage, insect attacks, chemical change, moisture gain and also leakage. Transportation packets will be useful for storing the product and its easy transportation even at the time to harsh weather.
  3. Facilitates the use of the product: some products are in such a packaging that their use becomes easy and the packets facilitate it’s’ use in accordance to the shape and size of the product. For example crème tubes.
  4. Product promotion: not all products require a proper packaging. Many products have packaging so that they become attractive and can become a source of promotion. An attractive colour, design, animation, photographs on the packets help in inclination of the consumers towards the product. It is also very important to have an attractive packaging at the self service stores like malls.

Importance of Packaging

Packaging not only serves certain uses but it is also important in some cases. These important aspects can be understood as the following:

  1. Rising standards of health and sanitation: people are inclined towards the products which are prepared with utmost care and proper sanitization methods and it is also important for the consumers that the products have proper packaging that is in accordance to the health measures and safety measures. This will reduce the chances of adulteration in the product and thus give consumers a surety of safety.
  2. Self service outlets: self service outlets like malls are becoming very popular each day. People prefer products from these stores and there the consumers need to pick up the products themselves. Thus, a good packaging which is attractive and has a good colour scheme along with eye catching animated pictures and consumer friendly then the consumers will surely pick that product from the shelves.
  3. Innovation opportunity: in relation to marketing, it is very important that the product is safer, non adulterated, easy to use or operate and is capable of change whenever required. It is important for the producer to bring new and improved product packaging in accordance to the trends. Improved and better packaging also helps in better storage of the product.
  4. Product differentiation: packaging of the product is the first thing that the consumer will see and it becomes important for the product to have good packet so that the consumer is able to identify and differentiate our product from the competitor’s product. The quality of the product is also sometimes judged by the packing it has.

While packaging is very important and has several functions and is quite useful and inseparable part of the some products. But it has some disadvantages also. It many a times adds to the cost of the product which ultimately raises the price of the product. Usually, packaging such as plastic packets are hazardous for the environment and in creating some packets the natural resources are exhausted. Also, a very common problem with packaging is its deceptiveness. A product may not be very good or useful but due to its packaging a consumer may be tempted to buy it. Sometimes, a company may not be good at designing and can choose a not so attractive packet and it may hamper its sale. While, we should sometimes overlook the negative areas to get certain benefits such as promotion of product, ease in usage, ease in transportation, ease in storage and also compliance with government orders.

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