Need and Importance of Staffing

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Need or importance of staffing

Staffing is the process in which people are put to work. All the jobs created during the ‘organizing’ function, will be filled during ‘staffing’ function. When proper planning is done about what is to be done, how is to be done and when it is to be done and creation of proper organizational structure, then it is time for the organization to know about the human resource requirement. It is an important question during staffing to know what kinds of personnel are required and how many personnel are required.

Staffing is thus the process of identifying the need of the personnel, recruitment, selection, orientation and then training and development. Staffing is very important of any organization for proper delegation, decentralisation and standardisation. The reasons or need for staffing or importance of staffing are as under:

Need and Importance of Staffing

Basis of any organization

Every organization uses different resources from the society such as money, material or machinery. Similarly, it uses human resource too. Humans are basis for any organization as they are required for completion of tasks of the organization. Right kind of personnel is required for doing the right kind of job and it will determine whether the organization will succeed or it will demolish. Thus, it is the basis for making or breaking the business organization.

Achievement of objectives

Whether the organization will achieve its objectives or it will fail to do so, depends on the kind of workforce the organization has. No organization can achieve its objectives until it finds and keeps the positions rightly filled with the right kind of people. It helps in minimization of costs and maximisation of profits through best utilisation of other resources such as money, raw materials, finished products or machinery.

Discovering and obtaining competent personnel

It is very important to cope with the needs of enterprise. Staffing helps in coping with that. It helps in discovering the people who match with the need of the organization. It is two way process. Not only an organization’s needs are fulfilled but the person also gets the right kind of job for himself or herself. Staffing helps in finding and appointing the competent personnel and later helps in retaining them.

Putting right people on the right job

An organization does not do a single task. It has to take care of multiple areas such as marketing, operations, human resource management, and financial management. Different people have skills regarding different areas. It is not possible to ace all the areas and thus it becomes important to put the person with right kind of skills at the job suited with his or her skills. For example: X has done his MBA in operations management, so a firm cannot give him the job to manage finance, otherwise the work in the organization would suffer.

Optimum utilisation of human resource

Optimum utilisation means there is adequate number of personnel in an organization. Staffing as a process helps in avoiding over or under utilisation of human resource and thus helps in over – manning or under manning. When there are more number of personnel appointed in an organization than the required number, this increases cost on the organization and creates chaos. Under manning will lead to non completion of work or over burden on single personnel.

Improves job satisfaction

Staffing as a process involving human element, deals with the emotions of employees. It has the factor which takes care of emotions of people by motivation and leadership. Motivating the employees is very important because any personnel who work half heartedly will not put his best efforts in completion of the work and thus quality of work suffers. When the superior motivates the subordinate in an effective manner, then the work quality improves and job turnover ratio reduces. It increases morale of the employees by providing them the rewards for their contribution.

Finishing touches for organizing process

Organizing process means to create the structure of the organization and thus dividing the responsibilities and duties within different workers or employees of the organization. It is very important process which helps in bringing clarity in the direction of duties and responsibilities. Staffing is the next process, in which people are recruited and selected for the positions which are created while organizing. It is the process in which the person is appointed for the work which is required by the organization in order to achieve the goals.

Key for directing and controlling

Directing the process wherein, the manger instructs the employees; leads them and guides them. This process can only take place when there is proper staffing done. When people are recruited and placed at the right position for their work then only directing and leadership takes place. Controlling also gains importance only when employees do their work in the best possible manner and this is done when right people are appointed for the right job.

Healthy personnel relationships

Staffing is a process which establishes relationship between various employees of the organization. It helps in setting up good relationship between the superiors and subordinates, thus, ensures organizational peace and improves cooperation between employees. When an employee has good relationships and peer recognition then his social needs is fulfilled and then employee turnover also reduces.

Competitive advantage

It is a competitive world and to beat this competition, well staffed organization with best policies is required. Changes can be managed properly only when the organization has skilful and motivated staff. Staffing as a process deals with acquiring the right people for the right job which are then trained better than the competitors. Better the workforce, better the goodwill.

Staffing is thus the process of putting the rightly skilled people at the job they are right for. Staffing has many advantages. There is need for staffing for various benefits. Main need is to achieve the objectives. Staffing helps in survival and growth of the organization and it helps in coping with the needs of the organization. It also helps in development and skills of personnel. All in all, staffing as process of management requires right amount to time to be devoted towards it, so as to gain various benefits.

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