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Training and developmentTraining and development is a very important part of human resource development. With the ever-changing technological environment, it becomes important to train and develop the employees so to keep up with the competition. With an increasing rise in customer’s expectations, it becomes important to provide better quality products and keep the cost lower, and to do this, it is important to train the workers for doing better each time.

Training and development can be done in different ways. Mainly it includes the on the job and off the job training. On the job training includes job rotation, internships, apprenticeship programs, etc. off the job training is given away from the actual work-area, for example, classroom training, vestibule training, programmed instructions, etc.

Need for training and development

There is an increase in the need for training and development and it includes the following reasons:

  1. Increase in productivity: due to the increase in competition, it becomes important to train the workers. It is always required to train the workers and help them perform better by imparting skills to them. It also helps in a reduction in the cost of production and thus helps in increasing the demand for the products in the market.
  2. Technology update: in the environment, where technology is changing very frequently, it becomes important to train the employees so that they can learn about the technology and keep themselves updated. Learning new techniques and making its use becomes important in this fast-paced environment.
  3. Quality improvement: due to training and development not only the quality of the products and services improve but the quality of human resources in the organization also improves. To satisfy the customers, it is important to improve the quality of the products and services. This can be done when the employees are trained properly for producing or serving better.
  4. Safety of workers:not only it helps in improving the products and skills of workers but it helps in making the workers more alert by teaching them how to work in dangerous areas and keep themselves safe. Trained workers are less prone to accidents as they know how to use the machinery and thus keep the environment also safe.
  5. Reductions in employee turnover and absenteeism:training and development are not only related to learning about the work but also for motivating the employees and increasing their confidence. It provides them the security while working at the workplace by teaching them how to be safe while using the machinery and thus it improves their satisfaction and helps in reducing the turnover and absenteeism.

Advantages and Benefits of Training and development for Organisation and Employees

‘Training and development’ provides several advantages and benefits. These are for both, the organization and the employees. These are as under:

Training and development - advantages and benefits

Benefits to the organization

  1. Avoids wastage of resources: training is the process in which the employees learn. Using hit and trial methods can lead to errors but raining the employees will always help the organization in saving time, efforts, and money. Training and development may not also lead to effective results for the area it was thought to give results but it will help some or the other area.
  2. Increase productivity: training and development help in increasing productivity as it trains the employees in the areas where changes take place, due to change in technology or way of working, it becomes important to teach them and thus leading to increased productivity and better quality.
  3. Equipping the future managers: as training is provided to everyone, they can take up the role in the future, if required. Many a time, it becomes necessary for the employees to take up the role of another employee due to their absenteeism or they may be leaving the job. So it equips the future managers so that they can take up the role in case of any emergency.
  4. Increase in morale: training and development help in improving the skills of the workers and when they learn various things, they feel confident. It equips them with various skills and knowledge. It also helps them to learn how to work with the risky machinery and thus helps them to be safe. All these benefits of training and development help to increase the morale of employees which results in a reduction of employee turnover and absenteeism.
  5. Adapting to the environment: business cannot run in a stagnant environment. The environment keeps changing always and it is dynamic. To deal with this environment it becomes important to have different skills. These skills come from training and development. Due to ever-changing technological environment, it becomes important to keep the employees updated.

Benefits to the employees

There are various benefits of training and development for the employees and workers. They are as follows:

  1. Better career:with improved skills and better knowledge, the workers become more learned and they can go for improved roles. For example, a marketing executive can take the training of new and upcoming trends in the market such as digital marketing and thus will become better skills. This helps them to improve their career.
  2. Better earning:any trained employee is way better than an untrained employee. When there will be a selection between the two, the trained employee will be selected and due to his better skills and knowledge, he or she will be paid more.
  3. More efficiency:training and development is the process of providing learning to the employees for various areas so that they have better knowledge. This better knowledge of things helps them to be more efficient and more effective.
  4. Reduction in learning time: there are two ways to learn, first is trial and error, and second is training and development. When any person learns through trial and error, he or she takes more time than the one learning through training and development. ‘Training and development’ is better because it provides the right kind of learning which is doubtful in the case of trial and error.

Training and development are a very important part of any organization because it is the process that improves the skills and abilities of the employees to perform specific tasks. It not only trains them for the current job but also improves their knowledge and develops them for future tasks. It not only makes them better workers or employees but overall personality development takes place and they become better humans.

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