Economics Quiz – Chapter 8 – Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Economics quiz, which are covered in this chapter, relate to the topic, Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Economics quiz contains 10 questions. Answers to Economics quiz are available at the end of the last question.

1. _______ is the Banker’s Bank in India :

(a)    SBI

(b)    PNB

(c)     RBI

(d)    OBC

2. Which of the following is not qualitative credit control measure of the RBI ?

(a)    Capital Rationing

(b)    Moral Suasion

(c)     SLR

(d)    Margin requirement

3. RBI was Nationalized in :

(a)    1959

(b)    1947

(c)     1945

(d)    1949

4. When the bank rate increases the demand for loans______:

(a)    Reduces

(b)    Increases marginally

(c)     Remains unchanged

(d)    Increases drastically

5. Which of the following is not a selective credit control method :

(a)    Rationing of credit

(b)    Direct Action

(c)     Changes in margin requirements

(d)    Reserve Requirement

6. The Reserve Bank of India issues all currency notes except:

(a)    500 Rupee note

(b)    100 Rupee note

(c)     10 Rupee note

(d)    1 Rupee note

7. Buying and selling of securities or bills in open market is called:

(a)    Cash Reserve Ratio

(b)    Open Market operation

(c)     Bank rate policy

(d)    None of these

8. Which of the following methods cannot be used as an instrument of quantitative control of credit by the central Bank?

(a)    Bank Rate policy

(b)    Open Market operations

(c)     Changes in Margin requirements

(d)    Variations in reserve ratio

9. CRR according to October 2007, was:

(a)    7.5%

(b)    25%

(c)     30%

(d)    2%

10. Which of the following is the monetary authority on a country?

(a)    The government of the country

(b)    The Banking system of the country

(c)     The Central Bank of the country

(d)    All of these


1. (c) RBI

2. (c) SLR

3. (d) 1949

4. (a) Reduces

5. (d) Reserve Requirement

6. (d) 1 Rupee note

7. (b) Open Market operation

8. (c) Changes in Margin requirements

9. (a) 7.5%

10 (c) The Central Bank of the country

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