Economics Quiz Questions – Chapter 6 – Unemployment

Economics Quiz Questions, which are covered in this chapter, relate to the topic, Unemployment. Economics Quiz Questions contains 10 questions. Answers to Economics Quiz Questions are available at the end of the last question.

1.Occupational structure refers to:

(a)    Distribution of working force among the different occupations

(b)    The nature of different occupations

(c)     Size of working force in a country

(a)    Number of people living in a country

2. Employment assurance scheme & Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojna have been submerged into ________:

(a)    NFFWP

(b)    SGRY

(c)     SGSY

(a)    IAY

3. People who are unwilling to work at the existing wage rate are:

(a)    Voluntary unemployed

(b)    Frictional unemployed

(c)     Casual unemployed

(a)    Seasonal unemployed

4. The measure of National rural Employment Guarantee Bill is applicable to whole of India except__________:

(a)    J & K

(b)    Bihar

(c)     Mizoram

(a)    U.P.

5. Due to introduction of new technology, workers may be replaced by machines leading to:

(a)    Technological unemployment

(b)    Frictional unemployment

(c)     Seasonal unemployment

(a)    Disguised unemployed

6. Work force refers to that part of :

(a)    Labour force which is employed

(b)    Population which is unemployed

(c)     Population which is forced to work

(a)    Labour force which is unemployed

7. Most of the unemployment in India is:

(a)    Voluntary

(b)    Structural

(c)     Frictional

(a)    Technical

8. According to measure a person is said to be employed for a week even if he is employed only for a day during the week :

(a)    Usual status

(b)    Current weekly status

(c)     Current daily status

(a)    Current yearly status

9. Measure which generally gives the lowest estimated of unemployment especially for poor economy:

(a)    Usual status

(b)    CWS

(c)     CDS

(a)    CMS

10. __________________ is defined as the number of persons in the labour force per 1000 persons:

(a)    WPF

(b)    LFPR

(c)     CWS

(a)    CDS



1. (a) Distribution of working force among the different occupations

2. (b) SGRY

3. (a) Voluntary unemployed

4. (a) J & K

5. (a) Technological unemployment

6. (a) Labour force which is employed

7. (b) Structural

8. (b) Current weekly status

9. (a) Usual status

10 (b) LFPR

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