MCQ on Poverty – Chapter 6 – Economics MCQs

MCQ on Poverty, which are covered in this chapter, relate to the topic, Poverty. MCQ on Poverty Test contains 10 questions. Answers to MCQ on Poverty are available at the end of the last question.

1. Employment guarantee scheme was launched in:

(a)    1999

(b)    2000

(c)     1995

(a)    2006

2. ______ are often used for measuring poverty in relative sense:

(a)    HDI

(b)    Gini co-efficient

(c)     Planning Commission

(a)    All of these

3. NFFWP was launched in:

(a)    December 2000

(b)    April 1999

(c)     November 2005

(a)    April 2002

4. Scheme for construction of house to be given to the poor free of cost was :

(a)    Jawahar Awas yojna

(b)    Indira awas yojna

(c)     Rajeev Awas Yojna

(a)    Valmiki Ambedkar awas yojna

5. Which plan set a target of reduction in poverty ratio to 19.3 percent by 2007?

(a)    Fifth plan

(b)    Second plan

(c)     Eight plan

(a)    Tenth plan

6. EAS stands for :

(a)    Education Assurance Scheme

(b)    Employment Assurance Scheme

(c)     Electrification Assurance Scheme

(a)    Education Assurance Services

7. When poverty is taken in relative term and is related to the distribution of income consumption expenditure its called:

(a)    Law line poverty

(b)    Absolute poverty

(c)     Relative poverty

(a)    None

8. The percentage of population living below the poverty line has been estimated in the 2004-05 at:

(a)    20

(b)    22

(c)     30

(a)    36

9. According to the planning commission, how many average daily calories per person define the poverty line in urban areas?

(a)    2,100

(b)    2,400

(c)     2,700

(a)    3,000

10. JGSY programme of poverty alleviation was submerged into _____:

(a)    SGRY

(b)    NFFWP

(c)     PMGSY

(a)    All of above


1. (d) 2006

2. (b) Gini co-efficient

3. (c) November 2005

4. (b) Indira awas yojna

5. (d) Tenth plan

6. (b) Employment Assurance Scheme

7. (c) Relative poverty

8. (b) 22

9. (a) 2,100

10 (a) SGRY

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