Economics MCQ Questions – Liberalisation, Privatisation and Disinvestment

Economics MCQ Questions, which are covered in this chapter, relate to the topic, Liberalisation, Privatisation and Disinvestment. Economics MCQ Questions Test contains 10 questions. Answers to Economics MCQ Questions are available at the end of the last question.

Economics MCQ Questions – 1. ______ refers to relaxation of produce government restriction usually in areas of social and economic polices:

(a)    Privatisation

(b)    Globalisation

(c)     Disinvestment

(d)    Liberalisation

Economics MCQ Questions – 2. FDI means:

(a)    Forex direct investment

(b)    Foreign deregulated investment

(c)     Foreign direct investment

(d)    Forex deregulated investment

Economics MCQ Questions – 3. EFCG stands for ______:

(a)    Export Promotion capital goods

(b)    Export Programmer for Credit Generation

(c)     Exchange programmer for Consumer goods

(d)    Export Promotion Consumer Goods.

4. EXIM policy was announced in :

(a)    1990

(b)    1992

(c)     1995

(d)    1998

5. The Foreign trade Policy has ______

(a)    identified certain thrust areas for growth

(b)    started “served from India brand”

(c)     started duty free export credit

(d)    all of above

6. Disinvestment means selling of a public investment to a ______:

(a)    Private enterprises

(b)    Public enterprises

(c)     Capital market

(d)    Departmental enterprises

7. 100 percent privatisation in India has taken place of:

(a)    CMC limited

(b)    Maruti Udyog limited

(c)     Centaur Hotel

(d)    VSNL

Economics MCQ Questions – 8. Cross Holding is a method of _____:

(a)    Privatisation

(b)    Globalisation

(c)     Disinvestment

(d)    Liberalisation

9. CIF stands for :

(a)    Cost, insurance, freight

(b)    Cost inclusive of freight

(c)     Cost in freight

(d)    Cost, interest, freight

10. Privatisation can be achieved by :

(a)    Leasing

(b)    Franchising

(c)     Contracting

(d)    All of these


1. (d) Liberalisation

2. (c) Foreign direct investment

3. (a) Export Promotion capital goods

4. (b) 1992

5. (d) all of above

6. (a) Private enterprises

7. (c) Centaur Hotel

8. (c) Disinvestment

9. (a) Cost, insurance, freight

10 (d) All of these

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