Economics MCQS – Chapter 5 – Indian Economy MCQ

Indian Economy MCQ, which are covered in this chapter, relate to the topic, Indian Economy. Indian Economy MCQ contains 10 questions. Answers to Economics MCQs are available at the end of the last question.

1. Indian accommodates nearly _______ percent of world’s population :

(a)    10

(b)    16.7

(c)     50

(d)    19

2. Nearly ______ percent of population is dependent on agriculture presently in India : (updated)

(a)    72%

(b)    54%

(c)     22%

(d)    None

3. How do we measure human well being through human development Index:

(a)    Through life expectancy at birth

(b)    Through standard of education

(c)     Through real GDP per capital

(d)    All of these

4. Gini Index of zero represents perfect _____:

(a)    Equality

(b)    Inequality

(c)     Profit

(d)    Loss

5. Our ______ population is below poverty line:

(a)    Nearly half

(b)    More than one – fourth

(c)     Less than one – fourth

(d)    Nearly one – fourth

6. To measure the inequality of income and wealth generally which of these is used:

(a)    Human development index

(b)    Gini index

(c)     Per capita income

(d)    National income

7. Indian Railways has been world’s _______ largest rail network:

(a)    First

(b)    Second

(c)     Third

(d)    Fourth

8. HDI does not consists of :

(a)    Longetivity

(b)    Knowledge

(c)     Life expectancy

(d)    Standard of living

9. Capital goods industries mean:

(a)    Machinery, machine tools etc

(b)    iron & steel, cement, etc

(c)     chemicals, rubber, plastics, etc

(d)    watches, perfumes, etc

10. Which year is known as the “Year of Great Divide”.

(a)    1921

(b)    1951

(c)     1981

(d)    1991


1. (b) 16.7

2. (b) 54%

3. (d) All of these

4. (a) Equality

5. (d) Nearly one – fourth

6. (b) Gini index

7. (d) Fourth

8. (c) Life expectancy

9. (a) Machinery, machine tools etc

10 (a) 1921

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