Journal Proper

Journal Proper is a book of original entry. It records the transactions which cannot be recorded in any special book. This book is also called as “General Journal”. Transactions are recorded in chronological order..i.e. date wise. Hence we can say that it records transactions for which no special journal is maintained. It also shows non cash transactions. Following are few examples of transactions posted in journal proper.

  1. Depreciation entries
  2. Rectifying errors entries
  3. Purchase of fixed assets on credit
  4. Month end closing entries
  5. Drawing Entries

Following is the format of Journal proper

format of Journal proper

Solved Example of the Journal Proper:

Record following transaction in the books of XYZ & Co. for the month of June’2020

  1. June 2nd– A Computer was purchased for Rs. 50,000 from A & sons on credit.
  2. June 8th– Depreciation on truck of Rs. 20,000
  3. June 17th– Withdrawal of cash Rs. 25,000 by partner X. Then transferred to his capital A/c

Thus, journal proper records transactions which do not find a place in any other journal for eg – opening entries and adjustment entries.

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