Compulsory MCQs in CA Exams from May, 2019 onwards

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ICAI examination pattern change May 2019 attempt and onwards – Latest update 

For students appearing in the CA Inter  and CA Final Examinations under the Old and New Scheme of
Education and Training , from May, 2019 attempt, assessment of various papers (see links below)  would be partially based on objective type questions.

Certain Guidelines issued by ICAI are as under : –


The weightage for objective type questions would be 30%. The remaining questions i.e., 70% of the paper would be as per the present pattern of assessment.

1 mark or 2 marks Multiple Choice Questions

  •  The objective type questions will be  in the nature of multiple choice questions (MCQs) carrying 1 or 2 marks.
  • Each MCQ will have 4 options, out of which 1 option would be the correct answer.
  • The 1 mark MCQs would be in the range of 10 to 16 MCQs;
  • the 2 mark MCQs would be in the range of 7 to 10 MCQs.

Compulsory MCQs

The MCQs will be compulsory and there would be no internal or external choice in them.

Type of  MCQs

MCQs may be either

  • Knowledge-based or
  • Application-based.

The skill level would be either “knowledge and comprehension” , or “application and analysis”.

No negative marking for wrong answers.

No reasoning  required for answers to MCQs.

Subjects covered under MCQ

CA Final (New Course)

CA Final (Old Course)

CA Intermediate (New Course)

CA Intermediate (Old Course)



The new method is applicable for students appearing for exams for May 2019 and onwards.


  • The syllabus remains the same so no additional material to be read
  • No negative marking
  • If you get all of them right, you have achieved 75 percent of marks required to pass the subject and can score really well if you do well in remaining  part of the paper
  • You would be better prepared to handle things as you get into real world. Career growth can be much more quicker


  • Now you should understand concept from multiple perspectives, as question can be based on any aspect of a provision
  • If you believe in rote learning or are a dummy student, this could be disastrous for you .
  • The practical experience of faculties teaching student would be the key. If someone doesn’t work on practical matters , it would be difficult for them to imbibe approach in student . In many cases , it’s highly likely that papers would be set up by people with domain knowledge . This is one of the biggest reason of high failure rate in the current scenarios as well
  • No guidance at this stage on format of questions or repository to look at for guidance . Institute may come up with samples but when is the biggest question
  • For student who have been already in second or third attempt or done with coaching, finished Articleship , this  could be another mountain to climb
  • If you are doing Article ship  in a specialized firm, getting practical insights into other subjects would be a challenge
  • Even for those doing article ship, getting insight into any particular subject at an overall level is impossible , even when you work with best firms


  • Try and understand concepts, than rote learning
  • Discuss with your tutors on how the new provisions should be tackled
  • Study in Groups – Nothing better to discuss issues
  • Join our whatsapp group by sending a text to 9667222008
  • Write back to us on your queries and potential issues you face at

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