TDS on professional charges

TDS on professional charges is required to be deducted under Section 194J of Income Tax Act 1961.

Rate and Amount for deduction of  TDS

The rate of  TDS  is as under : –

  • TDS shall be deducted @ 10%.
  • No Surcharge and Higher Education Cess (“HEC”)  shall be added to the 10% rate.
  •  TDS @ 20% shall be deducted where the recipient does not provides the  PAN number to the deductor.

TDS on professional charges shall be deducted on invoice value, excluding the value of GST (if such value is mentioned separately in the invoice) –  Circular No. 23/ 2017. However,   TDS shall be deducted on whole of the invoice value (if value of GST is not mentioned separately in the invoice) –  Circular No. 23/ 2017

Time of deducting TDS on professional charges

The time when TDS is required to be deducted is earlier of the following two events –

  • Credit of professional charges to the account of payee; or
  •  Payment of professional charges in cash or by way of issue of cheque/ draft/ any other mode.

Illustrations : – 

For Full text of Section 194J, please refer this link 

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